One way that appreciation can be shown is by giving your guests a unique wedding favor

Wedding Planning - 3/19/2024

Your wedding guests will be traveling far and wide to celebrate your big, special day. Because of this, it is essential to show them appreciation. One way that appreciation can be shown is by giving your guests a unique wedding favor. A wedding favor will serve as a token to help guests remember you. They also serve as a goodybag for the end of the wedding.

In this blog written by the professional bridal show team at Oklahoma Bridal, we will discuss our top take on wedding favor ideas.

Wedding Favor ideas:

●Charity donations: No one wants their wedding favors to end up in someone's junk drawer. In order to prevent this from happening, choose an organization that's meaningful to you and your relationship and allocate a portion of your wedding budget to the cause. You can also add cute cards to everyone's seats to say thankyou.
●Coffee mugs: Are you a coffee lover? If so, this wedding favor may be a favorite for you. You can add a caffeine station to your venue with a wall of mismatched mugs. At the end, guests will be fully caffeinated along with being able to take home a cute mug.
●Folding Fans: Tying the knot in the midst of the summer heat? Keep your guests looking and feeling cool with some chique fans. For a bonus, you can add engraved names to the bottom of each fan.
●Macrame ornaments: Celebrate the winter season with some festive wedding favor ideas in order to get guests into the spirit. Handmade macrame ornaments are a beautiful favor that you can give your guests.

Family and friends will travel far and wide to celebrate your big special day. One way that you can thank them is by giving them something that is special and meaningful. Are you in need of assistance when it comes to the planning process? If so, come and attend an Oklahoma Bridal Show. There will be over 100 vendors in attendance that are there to assist with all of your needs.