Every detail is important even down to the drinks that are being served.

Wedding Reception - 2/28/2024

Everyone dreams of having a perfect wedding. From decorations to dress shopping, every small detail matters. Every detail is important even down to the drinks that are being served. Most opt for wine to be served and beer to be on tap.Though this is a great option, most catered bars are very expensive. A perfect solution to this would be to create a signature drink. Creating a signature drink will add some spice and personal touch to the wedding reception.

With the assistance of a professional wedding planner who has previously attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show, the cocktail planning and budget will all be taken into consideration. A wedding planner will be a sounding board and will help play a key role into making all of the small details come to life. At Oklahoma Bridal, we understand that most may not know where to start when it comes to creating a signature drink. That's why we have created this blog to instruct one on how to create a signature drink for their wedding.

Tips on how to create a signature wedding drink:

●Start with your go-to order: One does not need to be a master mixologist in order to create a custom wedding cocktail. Take into consideration a drink that you consistently order when out at a bar. Be sure to use the spirits and flavors that taste best. It may be best to consult with a bartender since they know drinks best. Tell them what is liked and hated. They will be sure to help narrow down the list and keep the budget in mind.
●Keep guests taste preferences in mind: Naturally, everyone wants their cocktail to be unique and flavorful, but it is important to keep guests taste preferences in mind. If half of the family is not a fan of tequila, then it may be best to serve a drink that contains vodka. Note that not everyone will be a fan of the cocktail. This is perfectly fine. Be sure to have enough for one and a half per guest.
●Tie in the season and theme: As the cocktail mixing takes place, be sure to incorporate flavors and garnishes that fit the season and the overall theme of the wedding. For example, if one chooses to have a summer garden themed wedding, it may be best to create a fruity drink and top it off with lavender or mint.
●Make clever names: Some couples may like to use simple names when it comes to naming their signature cocktail. There is no shame in this however, it is okay to name the drink something unique. Try sticking to the theme of the wedding. Names such as: bloody marry me, something old fashion, or berry happy together sangria are great alternatives to choose from.
●Add personal touches: For most couples, creating a signature cocktail drink is something personal that they created together. Whether the drink fits the overall theme of the wedding or the season that the wedding takes place, adding a personal touch will make the drink something that all will remember.

One can use the tips listed above to create a perfect cocktail for the wedding. It is important to note that one does not need to be a master mixologist to make this happen. Sitting down with a bartender and discussing preferences, themes, and tastes is key to making your drink perfect. Still need assistance with the planning? Professionals who have attended Oklahoma Bridal Shows will be sure to assist. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!