Many couples have lots of anxiety when it comes to their wedding.

Wedding Ceremony - 2/26/2024

Many couples have lots of anxiety when it comes to their wedding. Many wonder how things are going to get planned and completed prior to their wedding. Many couples also think about the possibilities of something going wrong. What if the weather is bad? What if grandma slips and falls on the dance floor? What if the wedding planner does not show up? All of these thoughts and questions that a couple may think of or ask can lead to anxiety. It is best to remain calm, try not to think about the worst, and look at things as if the glass is half full, rather than empty.

Instead of being the couple that has fallen down the deep rabbit hole of dark thoughts, trust those around. Hiring trusted professionals like ones who have attended an Oklahoma Bridal show will help save a lot of intrusive thoughts and anxiety. They will be sure to take care of any emergencies that occur. However, if there is still stress, our team at Oklahoma Bridal has constructed this blog to help one have an understanding about what to do if an emergency occurs on the day of.

Tips on how to respond if an emergency occurs on the day of:

●Let go of things that cannot be controlled: Try not to focus on every detail. If things are not perfect, just let them go. This may be the only time that all families are able to get together at once. Take time to enjoy these special moments. Relax and smile. Remember that if things are forgotten, it can be something to laugh about in the future.
●Know who to go to if an emergency does occur: It is very easy to get sucked into small matters that occur on the day of. Take note that grandma fighting with a cousin is not a real emergency. However, if a real life emergency occurs, it is important to know how to handle it. Instead of having a whole team of family members and friends handle the emergency, try having one family member take care of the problem. This will reduce stress, drama and tension.
●Lean into planners and vendors for assistance: If something occurs on the wedding day that is unwanted, or a big detail is skipped over, then lean into the planners and wedding vendors for assistance. At the end of the day, they are there to help and make the wedding go as planned. However, if there isn't a wedding planner or vendors involved in the wedding, rely on a trusted family member or friend to help out.

Many couples think of the worst case scenarios that could happen when it comes to planning. Though, this is not good because this causes excess stress and anxiety, many do this. However, try not to worry unless an actual emergency occurs. If one occurs, have a trusted family member or friend to come to assist the situation. Remember that the vendors and planners are there to make things as perfect as possible. Hiring a trusted planner or vendor who has previously attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show is the best decision that one can make. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!