Establishing boundaries and setting rules with family members may be a challenge.

Wedding Planning - 2/22/2024

Weddings are arguably one of the largest milestones that couples will hit in their relationship. It is a time where a couple can celebrate their love for one another and celebrate more memories to come. Though it is an exciting time for couples, it is also a very exciting time for family members. But, it is all too likely that the soon to be in-laws will be a little too excited and possibly overstep their boundaries when it comes to the planning process. While most family members have the bestest of intentions, some may stir the pot and cause the planning process to become a nightmare.

Establishing boundaries and setting rules with family members may be a challenge. No one ever wants to sound ungrateful for advice and help. However, it may be one of the best things to do if an inlaw or family member is repeatedly overstepping their boundaries. Our professional wedding team at Oklahoma Bridal constructed this blog to give you a guideline on how to address these issues so then they do not get out of hand.

A guide on how to talk to family members about expectations:

●Discuss boundaries: If setting boundaries is something that is challenging, it may be a bit nerve racking to establish limits with inlaws and family members. However, it is important to take note that setting boundaries isn't a bad thing. It can actually strengthen relationships. Sitting down with your partner and discussing things that can not be negotiable is a must. That way if conflict does arise, both parties involved will be able to say no.
●Be upfront: Being upfront may be another challenge if you are someone who has a hard time trying to please those around. Though, this may be a challenge, being honest and expressing feelings from the get go will keep conflict from arising further.
●Communicate nicely: Never go into a situation with a nasty attitude. This will only make matters worse. Though, this may feel like the only way to solve the solution, it will cause hardships at the end of the day. Communicating nicely will allow everyone to communicate with kindness back. Even if this doesn't happen, no one can ever say that the conversation was rude.
●Get assistance from a planner: If it is a challenge to set boundaries and be upfront, consulting with a planner may be the best option to keep conflict at bay. Having the wedding planner deliver a message or bad news may be best because it may not reflect back on the couple.

Though it may be a challenge to set boundaries with family members and inlaws, boundaries can strengthen a relationship and save a relationship from crumbling into pieces. It is important to be upfront and discuss non-negotiables with a partner. That way there is a plan set in stone. If this is still a challenge, it may be best to get assistance from a wedding planner. It is important to hire a trusted and reliable wedding planner. Especially one who has previously attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!