Though beautiful, the fall season is one of the busiest times to plan a wedding.

Wedding Planning - 2/20/2024

With a warm visual palette of crimson, auburn, and brown. The taste of pumpkin and spice in everything, and the sound of leaves crunching under everyone's feet, autumn is a beautiful season to plan a wedding. Though beautiful, the fall season is one of the busiest times to plan a wedding. This busy time needs a lot of patience and planning when it comes to arranging a perfect wedding. It is important to start the planning early and have all of the big parts set in place.

If you are someone who is a bit late to the wedding planning, there is no need to worry. Our team at Oklahoma Bridal is here to help! Throughout this blog, we have come up with the best tips and hacks on how to plan an autumn wedding and make it one that everyone will remember.

Fall wedding planning tips:

●Pros and Cons of having a wedding in the fall:
●Pros: The weather and scenery will be gorgeous. Local harvest offers some of the freshest and most delicious food. The late fall will be less competitive and less expensive
●Cons: The weather can be unpredictable. Certain food options may be more expensive due to the season. Lastly, it may be too cold for more revealing dress options.
●Plan for all weather: Weather anywhere during the fall can change from day to day. It is important to plan for all types of weather that mother nature may bless us with: rain, sunshine, cold, and warm. Though, it may be impossible to know exactly how the weather will be, it is important to keep it in mind.
●Fall color palette: The best thing about fall weddings, is all of the decor, colors, and aesthetics that comes from it. Fall wedding colors should include earth tones such as: burgundy, sage green, burnt orange, or crimson red. Once the color palette is nailed down, it is important to look into decor. The decor can consist of ideas that have been generated or it can consist of fall decor such as: pumpkins, leaves, etc.
●Fall festivities: To top off a fall wedding, it may be a good idea to incorporate some fall festivities. This could be done with drinks such as apple cider cocktails or pumpkin spice lattes. This can also be done by having a late night fire pit and toasting smores.

Fall is one of the most popular and beautiful seasons to plan a wedding. Because of this, prices may be more expensive and competition will be great. It is important to plan in advance to avoid any mishaps. Planning a wedding with a planner who has previously attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show is a great idea. They will hold your hand through every process of the planning and make sure that the wedding will be one that everyone will remember. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!