The planning process even goes down to determining what kind of hairstyle should be done.

Wedding Planning - 2/12/2024

Every bride across the world has their own special way of how they want their day planned. From choosing a venue to picking flower arrangements, a lot of planning goes into the big special day. The planning process even goes down to determining what kind of hairstyle should be done. No matter what type of bride one might be, the truth is that bridal hairstyle trends change constantly.

If one does not have a hairstyle picked out, then they might have a million questions run through their mind. These questions may consist of: Should I wear my hair up or down? Straight or curly? Simple or extravagant? Afterall, just like choosing the big gorgeous gown, wedding hairstyles run limitless. With the help of a stylist who has attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show, the process of choosing a hair stylist will be made simple. The stylists will ensure that one will look and feel their best. Down below, we have come up with the best bridal hairstyle tips and ideas to ensure that your hair will look amazing for the big special day.

The top 5 bridal hairstyle tips and ideas are:

●Create an inspiration board: Creating an inspiration board will allow one to be able to narrow down the list of endless hairstyles. This will allow for one to be able to have something in mind. An inspiration board can be created on pinterest or instagram. One will find that the hairstyles that they saved will be similar to the new ones shown or the exact same.
●Look at the wedding dress: Taking inspiration from the gown will allow one to be able to narrow down the list even further. Looking at pictures of how the stylist styled the model will allow one to be able to have an idea of how certain hairstyles look with the dress on. Also, it is important to take note of how the dress looks. If the dress is detailed in the back, one may want to wear their hair up so then the back can be shown off.
●Factor in a veil or headpiece: Headpieces and veils should be taken into account when it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle. If the headpiece or veil is clipped in, then it will be easy. However if not, then it may be best to choose an up-do.
●Consider everyday hairstyles: Considering everyday hairstyles is a must. This will be the baseline of how the wedding hair should be styled. If one usually wears their hair down then they should opt for a bridal blowout, curls, or waves. If one is used to wearing their hair up, then an updo, braids, or half up and down may be best.
●Remember extensions are possible: Extensions are always a possibility and are something that can amp up the look. If one's hair is not at their desired length or the hair style that is wanted is better suited for long hair, then extensions should be considered. There is a range of extensions that can be done such as: hand tied, wefts, keratin tipped, clip ins, and tape ins.

Choosing a bridal hairstyle may be the last thing that is on someone's mind after spending endless hours planning for the main event. Every bride deserves ro look and feel their best. A hairstyle can make or break a look. That's why it's important to find the best stylist to complete the look. If one is struggling to find a great stylist, then they should look for one who has previously attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!