Weddings are a unique reflection of the relationship that one has with their significant other

Wedding Planning - 2/11/2024

Weddings are a unique reflection of the relationship that one has with their significant other. However, it is important to take guests' preferences into consideration too. The most meaningful and memorable celebrations are ones that cater to the guests' needs. This could be through providing a well rounded menu or creating a music playlist for all. Gaining a deeper understanding of friends and families tastes will allow one to plan a perfect wedding that suits everyone.

Currently, most millennials are getting married. It is expected that there will be millennials in attendance as well. The wedding experts at Oklahoma Bridal know how to plan and create weddings best. That's why we have come up with a list of things that guests and millennials will most likely dislike when in attendance at a wedding.

Top things guests are most likely to dislike at a wedding:

●Ceremony programs: Ceremony programs contain important information that list out what the daily schedule is going to look like. Many guests end up overlooking the programs. It is important to not waste money on something that no one is going to look at.
●Guest books: Many forget about guest books. They tend to be the last thing that most even think of. There are many other ways to capture memories of the event such as taking pictures, doing fun art projects, etc.
●Money gifts: Many people do not like giving out money gifts. Instead most like giving a gift that is sentimental and holds significant meaning.
●Dead time: No one enjoys attending a wedding that is boring. Dead time is time when nothing is going on. It is important to keep guests on their toes and provide an exciting night for them.
●Problems at the bar: Most do not like going to a bar at a wedding that is cash only. Many forget to bring money as they believe that everything is taken care of. Try to avoid this.

It is important to take guests' opinions into consideration when it comes to planning for a wedding. Guests enjoy weddings when things are catered to them and are family friendly. With help of a planner who has attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show the wedding will be on the road in no time. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!