Starting out as a beginner in the wedding industry?

Wedding Vendors - 2/9/2024

Starting out as a beginner in the wedding industry? Being in the wedding industry is a difficult task for some. There is a lot of planning, coordinating, and hours that go into this profession. A wedding planner's main priority is to be there to support the bride, groom, and family throughout the wedding planning process and the actual wedding. A planner's job is to assist couples with organization, hiring, and purchasing in order to make sure that the wedding is a success.

Many may believe that getting leads in this industry is a major challenge. It is understandable that beginners think this. However, getting leads is not as challenging as one may think. It is crucial to be outgoing and communicative when trying to gain clientele. In order to help you get started, our team at Oklahoma Bridal has constructed this blog to give the best tips on how to gain clients as a wedding planner.

Tips on how to gain clients as a wedding planner:

●Conduct your own research: For someone who is new to the industry, finding the right pricing may be a challenge, especially if you do not know what competitors are up to. It is important to check in on competitors for pricing and see what brides are looking for that others may not offer.
●It is important to have a mentor: A professional in this industry will have the ability to jump start the business. They will be able to give the best tips and share secrets to get the business up and running. By browsing online, respected wedding planners can be identified. Start by reaching out and let them know that their work is admired and that you have an interest in starting out.
●Identify customer hangout spots: Knowing where to find customers is a good place to start. By attending social events such as: concerts, bridal shows, and even church, clients could be spotted easily.
●Reach out to vendors: It may come as a surprise that reaching out to other businesses in the industry may lead to gaining more clients. These businesses may be the first spot that newly engaged couples have visited prior to searching for a wedding planner.
●Start writing blogs: Write a couple of blogs in order to engage with the ideal audience. Writing blogs that may appeal to the bride such as: how to find the perfect wedding dress, why it is important to hire a wedding planner, and more, may help you reach your targeted audience.

Starting out as a beginner may be a challenge in the wedding industry. Finding leads may be challenging at first, but using the right tips and tricks will allow for clientele to be gained. By conducting research, having a mentor, and writing blogs, the ideal target audience will be reached overtime. Looking for another way to gain? By attending an Oklahoma Bridal Show, clients and vendors can be found easily.Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!