Dreaming to plan a wedding packed with blissful memories on an island in tropical paradise?

Wedding Planning - 2/2/2024

Dreaming to plan a wedding packed with blissful memories on an island in tropical paradise? Imagine the bride and groom saying I do under a Hawaiian sunset with waves shaded in aquamarine splashing up into the venue. Or, are you dreaming of getting married in the same city where you met each other? Planning a destination can be fun and an exotic experience for all. However, many may wonder where they should start and when they should begin the planning process.

Organizing a wedding can be challenging. Every detail matters and there are a lot of countless hours that are put into the planning process. One good thing about planning a destination wedding is that they are becoming more common and they are more accessible for guests and couples to access. So, bringing your dream wedding to light may not be as challenging as one thinks. In this blog constructed by the wedding professionals at Oklahoma Bridal, we are going to discuss tips on how to plan a perfect destination wedding.

Pros and cons on planning a destination wedding:

●Pro: A trip of a lifetime: Planning the trip of a lifetime for a wedding is one of the biggest pros of having a destination wedding. Your big day will turn into a day packed with memories of your loved ones and friends spending time in a cool place.
●Con: It can be difficult to personalize: It can be hard to personalize the wedding when having a destination venue and ceremony. It is important to ask a planner about this so then the wedding can be seamless.
●Pro: They are a great way to keep the guest list small: If one is looking to have a more intimate wedding with just family members and a few friends, then a destination wedding is perfect. They are a great way to justify why the guest list is small.
●Con: Less budget friendly: Unfortunately, destination weddings are not budget friendly. If you are looking to save money, then this option is not for you. Most destination weddings cost roughly $27,500. One way to keep costs down is by keeping the guest list small.
●Pro: Flexibility: Want to host a destination wedding in the month of february at a tropical island. This can be nice because February will be warm in a tropical place as well as have less tourists.
●Con: Legality considerations: Every country has its own sets of laws about marriage. It is important to take this into consideration before the overall planning process.

Thinking about having a destination wedding? A destination wedding is where a couple gets married in a vacation location. A destination wedding has many pros such as offering a trip of a lifetime, small guests lists, and flexibility. However, every pro has its cons. Need assistance with the planning process? It is important to find a planner who is trustworthy and reliable. Look for a planner who has recently attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!