It is important as a friend to assist the couple when needed in order to take some weight off their shoulders.

Wedding Planning - 1/28/2024

On a surface level, weddings seem fun. With constant drinks flowing, ample food, and spectacular dance moves everything seems great. Not to mention, a radiant couple whose happiness is infectious always brings on good vibes. However, not everything is picture perfect. Anyone that has planned a wedding knows that this time is filled with stress and anxiety. It is important as a friend to assist the couple when needed in order to take some weight off their shoulders.

When assisting a friend during the planning process, it is crucial to know what to do and how to do it without overstepping any boundaries. You can assist with small things such as: dress shopping, party planning, etc. Want to know more about this? In this blog written by the wedding professionals at Oklahoma Bridal, we will discuss the top things to do when assisting the couple as a friend.

Tops things to do when assisting the couple as a friend:

●Offer to help with the extra parties: It is always a good idea to help the couple out when needed during the planning process. One way to offer your assistance is to ask if the bride needs planning any parties during the process. These parties may range from engagement parties to bridal showers.
●Go dress shopping: Shopping is stressful, especially when it comes to one choosing the dress of their lifetime. When shopping with the bride, offer your input and assist when needed. However, do not allow any negative opinions to over take you. It is important to be the brides biggest cheerleader during this stressful process.
●Help keep things in perspective: If the bride hits you with some bad news, it is important to be there for her and put things in perspective. For example, if she calls you and says that a wedding caterer turned down her offer last minute, assist her with words of wisdom.
●Act as a buffer: Everyone knows that there is always someone that is there to cause drama. Whether it is a pesky mother in law, or an over the top family member, it can be expected that they may make things difficult during the planning process. You can assist the bride by acting as a buffer and allowing her to vent to you when it is needed.
●Know when to back off: It is crucial to know when to give the couple time to process things during the planning process. In better terms, know when to back off. If the bride needs space because she is stressed or overstimulated, grant her her wishes.
During the planning process, many couples may find themselves stressed or overwhelmed due to the countless hours that they are putting into the process. When one is stressed, it is important as a friend to offer assistance when needed. This can help reduce excess stress and cause a positive outcome. Are you struggling to plan a wedding or need assistance with the planning process? If so, come and attend an Oklahoma Bridal Show. There are many top notch wedding professionals that attend this event and are willing to offer their assistance. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!