How to work with a client who is having a destination wedding (how to keep them)

Wedding Vendors - 12/27/2023

Travel advisors who choose to work with a wedding destination client will soon realize that they will have a client who can potentially be their client for life. Couples that travel for their first and many other celebrations will turn to a travel agent. This may include babymoons, anniversaries, friend excursions, family vacations, and much more. After successfully planning a couple's wedding day, there is no doubt that the couple will return to you for more trips and fun excursions.
Because life takes its own twists and turns, lots of events occur in between trips. It is extremely important for an agency to stay on top of their clients. This can be done by sending radars and reminders that you are still around and want to make their vacation fantasies come to a vision. There are several strategies that one should keep in mind when working with wedding couples in order to hopefully secure business in the near future. In this blog written by the wedding professionals at Oklahoma Bridal we will discuss the best ways to keep destination wedding clients and provide their services in the near future.

Tips about how to work with destination wedding clients and how to secure them for the future:

● Create a trusting relationship: When it comes to planning one of the most important days of your client's life, it is crucial to earn their trust and build a valued relationship. Being honest and upfront rather than overpromising is the key foundation to a strong relationship. It is also important to let the couple know about how the wedding planning process works in order to prevent any confusion or frustration in the future.
● Referral business: Similar to anything in life, when one has a positive experience, they will want to share it with their family members and friends. When working in the travel industry, it can be expected that those who went on the excursion will be excited to share their experiences when they arrive back home. Creating a positive experience for your clients will guarantee referrals.
● The power of a follow-up: Following up is essential when it comes to securing clients for the future. Try following up with clients at least 6 months after their destination wedding to see if they would like to book a 1-year anniversary trip. Though anniversary trips are just the start, there are a plethora of other trips the couple may want to book in the near future.

All travel advisors have the potential to hold on to their wedding destination clients for a lifetime. One can do this by creating a trusting and valued relationship, referring others to their business, and following up with their clients at least 6 months after the main event. Are you curious about other ways that you can expand your business? If so, come and attend an Oklahoma Bridal Show. You will meet a variety of different vendors who can help get your name out into the industry. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!