Wedding lighting ideas

Wedding Ceremony - 1/3/2024

When planning for your big special day, it is essential to make sure that every small detail is added to your list. This can range from flower arrangements to beverages that are served during the reception and more. One factor that many do not think about is wedding lighting. Lighting is the single most important decor element at any wedding. Though, this element may sound more functional than exciting and fun, this most certainly does not need to be the case. The bulbs and candles that one may select is what will ultimately light up the venue to perfection.
When planning for the main event, take a moment to think about all of your priorities and create a lighting plan around them. For example, if you are a bride who loves floral arrangements, find a way to show them off with different lighting. This can be done by adding fairy lights to the vase or using string lights to enhance the flower colors. In this blog written by the wedding professionals at Oklahoma Bridal, we will give you our top tips on how to incorporate different lighting into your wedding.

Top wedding lighting ideas:

● Create a canopy of lights: Ceiling lights are a beautiful option to go with. Ceiling lights can be used to light up dinner spaces as well as seated spaces during the wedding ceremony. These lights give off the effect of looking up into a sky filled with stars (even during the daytime).
● Use dainty string lights: String lights are a great choice for any wedding reception. Dainty lights work well because they can be placed on anything, anywhere. They are straightforward to string through greenery and drapery.
● Light up lanterns: A mixed assortment of lanterns has the ability to make any dinner setting glow. One can choose to opt for neutral-toned lanterns or choose ones that match the overall color scheme of the wedding.
● Hang light fixtures: One can always make a statement with eye-catching hanging light fixtures. This kind of lighting can range from antique chandeliers to modern-day hanging lights. This idea is perfect for those who want their wedding reception to feel like an at home dinner party.
● Add taper candles to tables: No one can ever get enough of beautiful tapered candles. This look can balance out any dinner reception when placed carefully on tables. When planning for the big special day, many carefully plan out every small detail accordingly.

One detail that many may forget to incorporate into their planning is wedding lighting. Wedding lighting is essential because it gives off a nice glow to anyone's ceremony or reception. Are you someone who is looking for more ideas when it comes to the planning process? If so, come and attend an Oklahoma Bridal Show. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!