One question that should be considered as a bride is whether a veil should be worn?

Wedding Ceremony - 11/10/2023

As one plans their outfit for the big day, there is a lot to be taken into consideration (including the veil). Adding a veil to your outfit can add a perfect finishing touch. However, if you are someone who wants a simple look, this may not be something to consider. While some brides want a veil for traditional purposes, there is no rule in the book that states that one needs to wear a veil because it holds importance.
It is important to take note that there are no rules that one should follow when it comes to wedding fashion. Whether it is decided upon to wear a veil or not is entirely up to you. Since it's your wedding, you should wear an outfit that makes you feel your best. However, if you are still having trouble deciding whether you should wear a veil or not, this blog is for you. In this blog written by the wedding professionals at Oklahoma Bridal, we will discuss the pros and cons of wearing a veil.

Veil or no veil: pros and cons are:

● Epic pictures: Veils can bring a wow factor to pictures. For instance, take a look back at Kate Middleton's veil, it looked stunning in photos and added a positive factor to her overall look. One most certainly does not need to wear a veil throughout the whole reception and ceremony. However, it will look good for photo purposes. Pro tip: ask the photographer to accessorize and place the veil in a way that looks good for photos.
● If the wedding is outdoors, proceed with caution: One downside of wearing a veil outdoors is the wind. One may find this a struggle to keep the veil tamed. Also, if you are outdoors, expect it to get dirty as it will drag through dirt and other outdoor materials.
● Brings drama: Adding a veil can add some additional drama to your look. If one chooses to see their partner for the first time down the aisle, a big veil can be romantic and give the groom a shocking wow factor when he looks at the overall look.
● Another accessory to fuss over: Even if you try to stay on the more minimalist side, there is a lot that goes into finding the perfect wedding attire. Adding a veil to your look will add more stress when it comes to shopping. Having trouble deciding whether you should wear a veil? Adding a veil can simply elevate your look. However, just like many things, there are some negatives to this.

If you are having trouble adding final touches to your look, it may be a good idea to consult with someone. You can find the best wedding experts by looking for those who have recently attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!