Dresses that are currently in season

Wedding Reception - 10/14/2023

As summer comes to an end, autumn begins. The weather begins to turn crisp and the outdoors looks enchanting as the leaves change colors like a kaleidoscope. Fall is the season of falling in love, and what better way to spend the season well than to get married within the beauty that nature has to offer? When planning for a wedding, lots of details matter from big to small. One detail that is important to keep in mind is what the bride will wear on her big special day. A fall wedding dress can mean anything. From long sleeves to shimmer to sequence, one cannot go wrong when it comes to choosing a perfect dress that fits the season well.
When choosing a dress for the fall season, it is important to think about where the venue is located and what the theme of the wedding is. As we grow closer to the spooky season, consider a dress that is more moody. One with dramatic lace and long sleeves may fit perfectly. Having trouble deciding what to wear to your fall wedding? The professional bridal team at Oklahoma Bridal has constructed this blog to give you the best tips on what dresses may fit the season.

Dresses that are currently in season for fall 2023:

● Long sleeve lovers: Autumn is filled with romance as well as crisp air. What better way to incorporate the season into your wedding dress than wearing long sleeves? Long sleeves are a great option to wear when it is cold outside. Long sleeves can also add more to the dress and give off a classy yet sexy look. When looking for a long-sleeved dress, look for sleeves that compliment the overall look. Find something that has lace, sequence, or shimmer. This can look enchanting and elevate the look and the dress.
● Lace: What doesn't scream fall more than adding a bit of lace to the gown? A lacey dress can look elegant as well as add some drama and mood. Lace can be sought after throughout the full gown or it can be as simple as running through the sleeves or neckline.
● Simple and chic: Does it get any better than fall fashion? Fall is the season of beautiful looks from cozy boots to bright-colored and warm flannels. Fall is full of chic and simple looks, and these looks can be incorporated into a wedding dress. When looking for something chic and simple, look for a plain white dress that has added elements. These elements can consist of off-the-shoulder, slits, Low cut, or rouging.
● Spooky season: Are you one who is obsessed with the spooky season? No need to fear finding a perfect dress because black may be your color. Black is something unique from the basic white dress. It also gives off that spooky feeling that Halloween gives off.

Having trouble finding a dress that fits the fall season? Fall is full of fashion from cozy boots to warm and vibrant clothing. These simple looks can be incorporated into your beautiful gown. This can be done by adding lace, and sleeves, and looking for something that is elegant. However, if you want to go bold in honor of the spooky season, black may be your color. Need assistance with the planning process? Find a trusted planner who has recently attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!