How to narrow down a wedding budget

Wedding Reception - 10/21/2023

If you and your spouse are a couple that share commonality with most couples, then there is a good chance that both of you want something at your wedding that may be a teensy bit over the set budget. These items that one may dream of can range from several stunning outfits to a luxurious champagne bar at their wedding. There is no need to take shame in this because everyone wants their wedding to be luxurious as well as fit every requirement that they may have dreamed of.
However, one may want expensive items at their wedding. Some of these expensive items that one may want may not fit the ideal budget set in mind. There are many ways that one can reduce the way that they are spending money. These ways may consist of doing it yourself, making the guest list smaller, or finding a different venue. Want to know more? In this blog constructed by the professional bridal team at Oklahoma Bridal, we will discuss the best tips on how to narrow down a wedding budget.

Tips on how to narrow down a wedding budget:

● Consider other days of the week: What rule in the book says that one has to get married on a Saturday? According to wedding experts, any day of the week to get married is exceptional. Getting married on a Saturday will be the most expensive time of the week to get married due to the fact that many couples envision this. If you still want to get married close to the weekend but want to save money opt for a date on a Friday or Sunday.
● DIY: DIY stands for doing it yourself. This task can be done by creating your own wedding decorations, invites, makeup, etc. Doing it yourself can be fun as well as it adds your own special touch to things for the big special day.
● Get a jump start on wedding dress shopping: Getting a jump start on dress shopping is a must if one wants to save extra money. Rush fees can add up the overall price of the dress as well as extra alterations. One can avoid the extra $500 dollars that rush fees may cost and the extra $300 dollars that rush alterations cost by shopping early.
● Ask for deals and bundles from vendors and planners: When planning for the big special day, it is important to sit down and discuss your budget with your planner and vendors. A majority of the time, vendors and planners are willing to offer bundle packages as well as discounts in order to help save money.
A couple may have a list of things that they want at their wedding that does not fit their wedding budget. Though this may not sound good, it is common. There are a list of things that one can do in order to save money during the planning and wedding process such as asking for discounts, doing it yourself, or considering where the venue is and what day of the week the wedding falls on. Looking to save some extra money but need assistance? Find a wedding planner who has recently attended an Oklahoma Bridal Show. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!