How to Gain New Weddings from Previous Clients

Wedding Vendors - 5/15/2023

It may seem like it's best to keep existing clients on hand for business. But how is this possible in the wedding industry? Clients only get married once. It may feel like a one and done deal. However, existing clients may need assistance with other weddings in the future.
Oklahoma Bridal Shows offers a large variety of vendors that range From Bakers to florists, etc. Clients will need these vendors in the future. As each generation gets older, a wedding is bound to happen. Also, guests and friends of the client may be looking for business in the near future. There are many ways that you can attract new weddings from previous clients.

Our 4 favorite ways to get repeat customers for your wedding business are:

● Turn happy customers into advocates for your business: Do not allow happy customers to go their separate way after you do business with them. Instead, allow them to advocate the business. Try creating a program where every time an existing client refers to a new client, the existing client gets a discount off of the next service that they want. Afterall, who doesn't enjoy discounts? This trick should allow new clients to flock.
● Creating a private social media group: Keeping existing clients up to date with current ideas and changes that are occurring within the business may allow them to share ideas with others. Creating private groups on relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, GroupMe, etc.-- may be a good idea.
● Stay in touch with previous clients: Be sure to keep in touch with previous clients. Try signing them up for the company's email list. Also, reach out to the couple post wedding to see if they need any services for date nights or special events. By this, you can continue to leave the company's name in their mouth and possibly attract new clients by assisting with more events.
● Gathering personal details: Gathering personal details about the bride and groom's families may seem nosey. However, this is good for gaining more clients. Simply asking if someone is getting married soon or learning about the bride and groom's plans may open the door to more opportunities.
Gaining new clients from previous weddings may seem like a challenge. Many may believe that after the job is done, it's done for good. However, this is definitely not the case. You can gain many clients from existing clients in a variety of ways. The best way to gain more clients from existing clients is to search for those who have previously attended Oklahoma Bridal Shows. Grab all of the details and claim your ticket for the next show now!