Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles of 2023

Wedding Ceremony - 3/20/2023

As the new year begins, so do new wedding trends. In this article, we will go over some of the engagement ring styles that we see our brides loving at the Oklahoma Bridal Show.

4 trending engagement ring styles this year are:

1.Lab-Grown Diamonds: Sustainability is at the forefront of lab-grown diamonds; this provides a more ethical approach to the diamond industry. So, if you and your partner are passionate about Mother Earth, maybe opt for lab-grown diamonds or lab-grown precious stones for your engagement rings.
2.Modern Art-Deco: Making a comeback from the 2022 wedding season, modern art-deco styles are still in. These timeless and unique pieces can either be antique or crafted just for you. This style is for everyone and is looking to be in style for a while.
3.Multiple Large Stones: If you are a bride looking for something flashier, try out this ring style that includes multiple large stones. These pieces can be made from diamond and/or precious stones and are perfect for a ring that makes a statement with elegance.
4.Colored Stones: Although diamonds are most couples' go-to when it comes to engagement rings, many people are actually trying out this colored gemstone look. This look adds variety and brightness to any normal engagement ring.
Whether you choose an elegant and timeless piece or colorful and unique piece, your engagement ring will be the perfect fit for you on your big day! Make sure to check out our other blogs here at the Oklahoma Bridal Show.