Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Wedding Planning - 2/5/2023

Where a couple chooses to have their wedding affects many factors of their big day. The location, size, and environment of the venue have a direct impact on the mood of the wedding party and guests on the big day. At the Oklahoma Bridal Show, we understand the importance of choosing the right venue.

3 ways to determine if a wedding venue to see if it is the right one is:

1.Cozy spaces: Cozy spaces are a comfortable way for couples to celebrate their big day. These spaces allow for variety in the size of your wedding party and guest lists, as cozy spaces can accommodate large or small gatherings. Couples can create lounge areas, different types of seating, and other decorations such as heavy candlelight to add to the cozy atmosphere.
2.Outdoor Venues: Thanks to COVID-19, outdoor venues have become increasingly popular. Outdoor venues can be destination events, or even in your own backyard. There is more space and flexibility when it comes to outdoor venues, and couples are also able to save money. Outdoor venues require less decoration and allow for more activities on your big day.
3.Barn Venues: This is another option that allows flexibility while maintaining a beautiful, rustic wedding look. These venues are very spacious, giving the couple the power to plan their setup and decor however they would like. On top of that, there are many different barns to choose from; whether a couple is looking for a historic or modern look, barn venues are the way to go.
4.Hotel Venues: Hotel venues offer more than most couples know. If a couple is looking for a glamorous venue, opting for a hotel might be best. These venues normally offer in-house catering, ballrooms, luxury honeymoon suites, and many other facilities to host your wedding.
If you want to learn more about wedding venues and ask questions to specific venues, visit the Oklahoma Bridal Show.