Determining the Price of Wedding Vendors

Wedding Vendors - 2/3/2023

At the Oklahoma Bridal Show, the biggest concern we see with our clients is price. Flowers, decorations, invitations, venues; the list goes on and on.

4 steps that will help couples create a budget for their big day are:

1.Step One: Have a Game Plan. Prior to researching vendors, couples need to make sure they can show or explain exactly what they need to their potential vendors. This allows vendors to provide couples with a more accurate quote and can begin their planning process quickly.
2. Step Two: Get Multiple Quotes. We often see couples making the mistake of reaching out to one vendor instead of gathering multiple quotes. Gathering quotes from more than one vendor allows for flexibility in pricing and planning.
3. Step Three: Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate. After a couple has created a game plan and narrowed down their potential vendors, do not hesitate to negotiate with vendors. However, this must be done responsibly and respectfully. Vendors are priced a certain amount for a reason, and it is always smart to be upfront about your budget.
4. Step Four: Don't Forget to Tip. Always make sure to tip vendors at least fifteen to twenty percent. Whether it is the officiant, reception staff, catering, hair and makeup, couples need to make sure to show gratitude towards all vendors that they have hired.
We understand that planning such a big event can be hectic and overwhelming, but these tips can help ease the stress of our clients' weddings.