Choosing a Wedding Vendor for the Perfect Day

Wedding Ceremony - 2/1/2023

Catering, flowers, hair and makeup, photography; these are some of the many things to consider as a bride-to-be. At the Oklahoma Bridal Show, we see couples going through the process of choosing the best vendors. So, we understand choosing the perfect vendors for these needs is the most crucial step in planning a successful wedding.

4 tips we suggest to engaged couples who are choosing vendors for a wedding are:

1.Establish Ideas and Inspirations: Prior to meeting with potential vendors, it is important to establish needs and expectations for a wedding. Use sites like Pinterest to gather pictures, videos, and ideas to present to potential vendors.
2.Set the Budget and Research Possible Vendors: Now comes the important part: setting a price range and researching possible vendors. Create a budget for each potential vendor, and make sure vendors you choose are within the set price range. When researching these possible vendors, ask questions. If one is looking for a photographer or a DJ, they might want to ask, how long have you been photographing weddings or can you share a sample of your music. Making sure the vendors you chose will elevate your wedding experience is the most vital part of this process.
3.Ask for Client Referrals: Another way to ensure a smooth and steady experience with any wedding vendor is to request client referrals. Ask vendors to provide contact information for any clients who have used their services; other testimonials can go a long way when choosing the perfect wedding vendor. Not only could these referrals help one make their decision, but it can also eliminate potential catastrophes on the big day.
4.Address Any Personal Concerns: When it comes to planning a wedding, no detail is too small. Make sure that all personal details and concerts are addressed when meeting with vendors. Remember, nothing is too insignificant to mention. Establishing these concerns is just another way to ensure a positive experience with your vendors and at your wedding.
Planning a wedding is quite the task, and it takes a lot of time and effort. However, following these steps when choosing wedding vendors can avoid any issues before the big day. Couples who attend our bridal shows always say how much easier our events make the planning process. Check out our upcoming dates now and claim your tickets.