Once you pick a wedding date, there is a lot of excitement!

Wedding Planning - 1/19/2023

Once you pick a wedding date, there is a lot of excitement! Many couples will rush into making their save-the-date to get the information out but a lot of common faux-paus can pop up when doing this.

The top save-the-date faux-paus that couples make are:

1. Sending the Venue Info: If the venue has not been confirmed and the deposits haven't been paid, don't use the venue information on the save-the-dates. Instead, use the city name where the venue is located.
2. Spelling Errors: This seems super simple to avoid, but in the excitement and rush, many couples will make small spelling errors on their save-the-dates. The best way to avoid this is to have an outside party re-read through everything before sending it to the printer.
3. Guessing on Postage: To be very honest, a lot of us don't send letters in the mail much anymore. Things cost a lot more now than they once did. Guessing on postage is a bad idea and may lead to save-the-dates being returned.
4. Forgetting Key Details: It's not as common, but some couples will forget key details like the city name or the event time. Again, having an outside party review them before mailing will prevent this.
Many of these mistakes could be prevented if you had your save-the-dates professionally printed. We have some great professionals who could help you do that at the Oklahoma Bridal Show. Click here to see our upcoming dates and times.