Online vs Printed Wedding Invitations

The global pandemic has changed a lot about weddings...

Wedding Planning - 1/18/2023

The global pandemic has changed a lot about weddings, but how does that impact wedding invitations? Could the protocols around wedding invitations be changing as the wedding industry changes? The answer is yes; many couples have started using online invitations instead of printed invitations. If you are wondering if this is the right decision for you, there are a few things to consider.

4 key considerations to consider before deciding on wedding invitations are:

1. Time: How much time do you have before your wedding? Is there enough time to get printed invitations, great. But if something quick is needed, online is definitely the direction to go! If you are limited on time, real-time RSVPs will make life much easier for you, too!
2. Cost: Printed invitations are the pricier option. If you are looking to save money in an area of your wedding, printed invitations is an easy way to save it.
3. Nostalgia/Memories: If it is important to you to have something to remember, online invitations will not give you that. If you are planning to put a memory box together, it's a good idea to do printed wedding invitations.
4. Eco-Friendly: If it is a priority for you to support the environment, online invitations are a great option!
If you are looking to talk with a wedding professional about your invitations and which option is best for you, the Oklahoma Bridal Show is a great place to do just that. Click here to get all of the details on our next show.