How is planning an elopement different than a regular wedding

Inflation has caused everything to become more expensive in our world...

Wedding Ceremony - 12/9/2022

Inflation has caused everything to become more expensive in our world; that is just as true with weddings. The costs and changes in the world over the past couple of years have led to a large increase in elopements. But what is the difference between an elopement and a standard wedding?

4 key differences between a regular wedding and an elopement:

    Size: A standard wedding typically has a minimum of 50 guests whereas an elopement typically has up to 20 guests maximum.
    Planning Time: A standard, large wedding can take months to years to plan. But an elopement can be planned in a matter of days. Depending on the venue you are using, sometimes it can be planned in less than 24 hours.
    Venue: If you are choosing a standard elopement with no guests, the option for the venue is limitless. As long as you can get there, it is an option. However, large weddings need space and seating for all the guests and it wildly limits the options.
    Price: The average standard wedding in the US costs $33,000. The average elopement ceremony costs about $900. Therefore, if saving money is a priority, elopement is a great option!

There is a lot of stigmas that come with an elopement such as:

    No one can be there
    I can't have all the small details I want
    It has to be rushed
None of these things are true and an elopement can be exactly the way you want it. If you need vendors who are ready to help create your special day, consider visiting the upcoming OK Bridal Show.