How to Incorporate the Holidays in Your Customer's Wedding

As we approach the holidays, many brides and grooms will

Wedding Ceremony - 12/8/2022

As we approach the holidays, many brides and grooms will want to add small aspects of the holidays to their special day. But they have to balance the desire to celebrate the holidays with the reminder that they are making priceless memories.

3 easy ways to incorporate the holidays into a customer's wedding are:

    Table Decor: Adding small items to the table can help balance as much or as little holiday décor as your customer may want. They can do something small like snowflakes on menu cards or full mini-Christmas trees as centerpieces.
    Wedding Favors: If a couple wants to not include the holiday in their decorations (and thus the pictures,) wedding favors are a great way to do that! Give away gingerbread men or a Christmas chocolate box.
    Festive Cocktail: The drink menu is a great place to add some holiday cheer! A special holiday drink is a great way to add some of the holiday but not have it be the center of the day.
If you want a few additional ideas of how to incorporate the holidays in your guest's special day, our upcoming event is a great place to meet other wedding vendors that you can network with and learn exactly how they have done it. Take a moment and learn more about our OK Bridal Show.