Misconceptions about Eloping Marriages

Have you considered eloping, or do you know somebody who is eloping?

Wedding Ceremony - 12/7/2022

If yes, elopements are considered non-traditional, but they are growing in popularity. This was primarily caused due to COVID-19 when wedding couples had to postpone their wedding plans and ultimately couples decided to ditch their large wedding plans and elope! There are common misconceptions about eloping so let's set the record straight!

3 Common Misconceptions About Eloping:

    Myth #1 - Elopements Only Include Bride and Groom: False, elopement can include anyone you choose! The main focus is on the wedding couple other than the guest, but the guest count is entirely up to the couple, it is their day, and they can choose who they want to spend it with!
    Myth #2 - Elopements are Last Minute: This can be true for some, but modern-day elopements are not poorly planned or planned last minute. Eloping couples are not looking for shortcuts, their wedding can be planned as spontaneously as they want! The bottom line is eloping weddings are all about the couple, not the guest experience!
    Myth #3 - They Take Place at the City Hall or Chapel: This is definitely false! Modern-day elopements are taking place anywhere! You can plan your elopement anywhere but most importantly it should be unique to you and your partner.
Elopement is a commonly misunderstood topic, but it is the decision of every couple on how they want their wedding day to be either eloping or a more traditional one. You can find more wedding ideas here: https://www.okbride.com/wedding/wedding-ideas.asp