5 Things to Consider When Determining Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Planning - 11/14/2022

You got the perfect guy now it is time to find the venue of your dreams to say "I do". Your wedding venue is a very special place, it will be the place you say your vows, dance the night away, and the moment where you become a wife. Finding your perfect venue should be a fun and exciting experience, here are things you should consider when choosing your venue:

3 Things You Should Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Venue:

Size: This is one of the important factors because you need a venue big enough to host guests. How many guests? Well, that is up to you but you want to ensure your venue can host that capacity.

Location: Location is important because if it requires accommodation you will need to provide recommendations for your guest. Also, depending on the location of the venue you might want to provide a shuttle service to your wedding venue.

Amenities: Depending on the bride, certain amenities matter more than others. Most brides will want to make sure the venue has a kitchen so caterers have a place to prepare and set up the food. Also, some brides prefer a bridal suite where the bride and the bridal shower can get ready in.

There are many other things to consider as well but most importantly your wedding venue should tick all your boxes. Make sure you tour the venues and ask many questions so you make the right choice. If you are looking for more tips and advice check out our blog here: ​​https://www.okbride.com/wedding/wedding-ideas.asp