Travel Agents: What a Client Wants From You

Wedding Vendors - 11/8/2022

If you are a travel agent specifically tailoring to wedding couples your priority is to make sure they have a memorable honeymoon! Also, as well as a stress-free trip because they have been stressed through the whole wedding planning process so stress-free is key here. When wedding couples are searching for a travel agent to help plan their honeymoon there are key things they are looking for:

3 Things Customers Want From Travel Agents:

Great Deals on Travel: A advantage you have as a travel agent is knowing the best places to go and for the right price! Honeymoon couples want the best price as they have just spent a lot of money on a wedding. It is your job to help them find the honeymoon of their dreams but for the right price!

Knowledge: As a travel agent you are an expert in the travel industry you know about the best places to go and the best things to do while there! Having knowledge builds credibility and trust that you know what your talking about. Also, highlighting your experiences in those vacation spots can help provide more insight for the wedding couple and help them make a decision on where they want to honeymoon at.

Be Realistic: Most couples have a budget for their honeymoon and it is your job to stay within that budget. Do not promise them that they can afford to go to Hawaii if that's not within their budget. Also, sometimes you have to help wedding couples set realistic expectations and show them options that are more budget-friendly.

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