How to Determine Who Gets to Give Speeches

Wedding Reception - 11/8/2022

A big wedding tradition is a toast to the bride and groom! Have you figured out who you will be handing over that responsibility to? Impromptu speeches can be silly and sweet but it is best to have a plan on who will be speaking at your wedding reception. Traditionally this is how the toast is organized:

How the Toast is Organized:

Welcome Toast: The welcome toast is the first toast of the night. Usually, this would be the parents or father of the bride and they would welcome everyone and thank them for coming and provide a happy toast to the bride and groom. This is usually done before dinner is served.

Best Man and Maid of Honor Toast: These are the toast everyone is waiting for they are usually emotional and funny! This toast is taken place at the end of dinner.

Newley Weds Toast: This is when the bride and groom thank all their guest and parents for celebrating with them. You can withhold this speech until cake is served or right after your best man and maid of honor toast.

This is typically the order in which toasts are made but any order will be fine as long as everyone knows when it is their turn to speak and when to speak.

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