How to Deal with Negative Reviews on Social Media

Wedding Vendors - 11/8/2022

Part of being a wedding industry professional is accepting negative reviews open and honestly, as much as we love positive feedback be prepared for negative reviews. There are strategies you can utilize to overcome negative reviews and respond.

3 Ways to Deal with Negative Reviews:

Appreciate Feedback: We all make mistakes, and nobody is perfect therefore it's okay to accept constructive criticism. Thank them for their feedback and apologize for their satisfactory experience and ask them if there is anything you could do to improve.

Be Apologetic: Sometimes customers just want to be right and heard. Even, if you know what the customer talking about isn't true, just apologize and move forward. It is easier to take the “customer is always right” approach than to argue your point of view.

Talk Privately: If you receive a comment that you would like to follow up with so you can correct the situation, first respond publically. Then, reach out to them in private and ask them if you could set up a time and talk to discuss the situation.

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