Trends in Wedding Invitations You Need to Know About

Wedding Reception - 10/25/2022

Have you thought about how you are going to tell all your friends and family know about your big day? Wedding invitations are a must and they also let your guests get a sneak peek of what your wedding theme will look like. Wedding invitations have strayed away from the traditional basic look. A lot of brides will be getting married this year and if you were looking for wedding invitation design inspiration you are in the right place. Here are some of the latest trends for 2022 wedding invitations.

Top 3 Wedding Invitation Trends of 2022:

Vellum invitations: Vellum is a translucent material and has gained some popularity in the wedding world. The translucent material adds a unique look and feel to your invitations. Also, they add a touch of modernity and sleekness. Although it is a very thin material, I wouldn't suggest printing from home, I would seek outside services for the best results.

Embellishments: A lot of couples have opted for chic finishing touches to their invitations by adding wax seals, touches of metallic, or unique envelopes. Another embellishment that is quite popular right now is addressing your guests in calligraphy or adding a silk ribbon.

Fruit Touch:/b> For the brides that are getting married in the summer, fruits like lemons and oranges are popular on summer wedding invitations. It just gives a refreshing take on a wedding invitation also as well as a summer feeling.

If you want more ideas go to within these pages you will find numerous tips to help you plan, stay within budget, and design your wedding!