How to Have a Storm and Weather Backup Plan With Your Venue

Wedding Reception - 10/21/2022

Have you thought about what you will do on your wedding day if it starts raining? Rain is not ideal for your big day especially if your venue is outside but due to the unpredictability of rainfall, it's always good to have a plan. Your venue should have a backup plan for rainy days because the show must still go on, that's why it is important to know what that plan will be in case you must use it. Let's look at outdoor wedding rain ideas and ways to be prepared.

3 Ways to Be Prepared for Rain on Wedding Day:

Venues Rain Plan: When you book a venue, you should always ask the venue about the backup plans they have for rain. Most venues offer accommodations for poor weather, some venues offer to move the wedding indoors or they might provide tents. Make sure you are aware of their backup plan so you can decide if you are comfortable with that course of action.

Supplies on Hand: If you live in a climate that tends to get rainfall a lot you might want to be already prepared. You could incorporate rain supplies as wedding favors, for example, ponchos, flip-flops, or blankets.

Backup Plan With Vendors: Also, always make sure you have a backup plan with your vendors for inclement weather. This will make your wedding planner's job way easier and make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what to do in case of poor weather.

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