Bridal Makeup Tips

Wedding Ceremony - 10/4/2022

On your wedding day, you will be getting photographed heavily that's why it is important to have the perfect makeup look along with your gorgeous dress. Photographs last forever that's why it's important to have the right makeup look that will best fit your needs. Let's talk about the makeup dos.

3 Makeup Tips for Your Wedding:

Season Consideration: You will want to consider the current season. If it is summer you will not want to use a dewy foundation because it will be hot outside and you don't want to appear sweaty. If it is winter you might consider a dewy foundation to avoid your skin looking dry.

Waterproof Products: On your big day you will probably be very emotional as it is a very special and important day. That is why it is important to use waterproof everything that way if you do tear up your mascara won't be running and affect your makeup.

Makeup Trial: Always consider having a makeup trial, that way you know exactly the look you will be receiving on your wedding day. Also, a makeup trial is a good way to experience new make it looks, and see if that makeup artist is a good fit for you.

Also, make sure you are very hydrated before your big day. Hydrated skin always produces the best makeup results. If you want more ideas go to within these pages you will find numerous tips to help you plan, stay within budget, and design your wedding!