How to Grow Your Social Media Accounts

Wedding Vendors - 10/1/2022

Social media is everything and it's a resource you should definitely be using for your business. Social media platforms have the ability to help you grow your business and reach potential new customers at the touch of their fingertips. Also, social media is the quickest way to get your word out there. Let's talk about how to grow your social media account so you can have a thriving online business account.

3 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Account:

Hold Contests: Contests are a great way for people to like, share, and interact with your post. Also, a great way to gain new followers as well. Most contents include a giveaway and in order to be entered usually participants have to follow you, like your post, comment, and share the post.

Use Hashtags: Utilizing hashtags is a great way for potential customers to find you! If people search up the hashtag you used in your post they might come across your post. You want to keep your hashtags relevant to your post. For example, if you do hair for weddings, you can use the tag #weddinghair.

Explore Paid Ads: One way to boost your post to new audiences and gain exposure is by running ads. You can do this on Instagram and Facebook, and put information in like your target market and location and the ads will do the rest for you.

These are some easy ways to grow your online presence and if you are looking for more vendor-specific tips and advice go to