Wedding Registry Needs

Wedding Reception - 9/19/2022

Is your big day approaching? Congratulations! Now it is time to gather a list of potential gift items you would like to receive on your big day! I know gifts are optional but nobody shows up to a wedding empty-handed and it is a good idea to have a reference for gift items you would like to receive from friends and family. It will make the whole gift process easier than getting a million texts from friends and loved ones about what you like us as a gift and it's much easier to send them a URL to your wedding registry. The question is what should you put on a wedding registry? Let's talk about essentials…

3 Things to Put On Your Wedding Registry:

Kitchen Essentials: Who wouldn't want a brand new cast-iron skillet? I know I would! These pans last forever and are great to have on hand. Also, you can add other kitchen items to your registries like Tupperware, utensils, dish towels, or even wine glasses!

Bed and Bath: Common items brides put on their registry is bed and bath items. It could range from a comforter set to a set of nice linen towels. Nothing is better than snuggling up next to your husband in new silk sheets!

Home Decor: Have you always wanted a particular set of frames but didn't want to spend money of them? Perfect time to throw them on your registry, why not? You can also add lamps, curtains, wall art, and decorative pillows.

Also, this is your wedding and your registry, put whatever items you want or whatever your heart desires. Don't forget to check out okBride page to get more ideas for your wedding: