How to Be Prepared for a Potential New Client Meeting

Wedding Vendors - 9/18/2022

Are you meeting with a new potential client soon? Being prepared is crucial for turning a potential client into a booked one! The first meeting is the most important one, you are building trust and you and the client are getting to know one another better. Also, the first meeting helps establish if you both would be a good fit for each other or not. Let's discuss tips on acing first client meetings!

3 Ways to Ace a New Client Meeting:

Prepare couples: As a vendor, you could offer many different services or just one. It is good to have some initial background information about what the couple is seeking your services for. You could have gained this information from the initial contact form they filled out or an email inquiry. Now, you should forward any materials that could be useful o the couple, like your portfolio if applicable, pictures, etc. This way the couple gets a better picture of what you offer and then can stem their questions off of that.

Prepare yourself: Have your initial consultation meeting questions ready! You should have some type of template that has a series of questions that you fill out for every potential new client. These questions will help let you know the couple better and that way you can come up with a gameplan that best suits the customer's needs.

Discuss Contract: This is essential, before booking a client they should be aware of how you run your business and what policies you have in place. Therefore, there is no confusion later down the line. Also, make sure your contracts are up to date and reflect your most recent policies, so you don't end up in a bad legal situation.

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