Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding Reception - 9/15/2022

Have you figured out what cake design you want for your upcoming wedding? It is only suitable to celebrate your big day with an extraordinary one-of-a-kind cake that everyone will be raving about! A lot of newlyweds have strayed away from the traditional elegant white cake and begun utilizing stunning one-of-a-kind designs. Let's take a look at some of the current wedding cake trends happening now.

3 Hottest Wedding Cake Trends:

Big and Bold: A lot of wedding couples are opting for a big colorful statement cake. Bakers have said this is due to the pandemic and wedding postponements and wedding couples want to make their wedding day memorable and remarkable. Also, wedding bakers have commented on the fact that some cakes are 2.5-5 ft tall!

Individual Mini Cakes: Due to COVID, individual mini cakes have become quite popular to reduce the spread of germs. These cakes are perfect for smaller-scale weddings and alleviate all that wedding cake mess and waste.

Playful Cake Toppers: Wedding couples aren't using the traditional bride and groom wedding topper as people have done before. They are starting to be more playful and put funny taglines on top of their cakes or a topper that resonates with the cake of their theme.

It is your wedding and do whatever you want for your wedding cake design! More importantly, whatever will make you happy on your special day!

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