3 Best Things About Our Wedding Show

Wedding Reception - 9/10/2022

We know that many brides will only attend one or two bridal shows while engaged. Most brides will begin booking their vendors very quickly at these bridal shows so we know we have to offer a great show in order to make this the best experience.

Our team at OK Bridal works hard to provide the best and most efficient bridal shows for our vendors and brides. While we are proud of our show, we wanted to share a few reasons why our wedding shows are great.

3 of the best things about our Oklahoma bridal shows are:

Vendors: We are very careful to choose our vendors who attend. We want the highest quality and highest rated vendors to really make it the most valuable time for our couples.

Variety: In addition to having great vendors, we invite a large variety of vendors in order to give all couples a large degree of options. For example, we choose florists who feature more of a classic style and florists who feature a more farmhouse style.

Requirements: We require all of our vendors to be ready to book couples at their booths. This makes the process so much easier for couples who would like to plan their entire wedding from start to finish at the bridal show.

If you are engaged or planning on getting engaged soon and want to only attend one bridal show, we are the show for you. Take a moment to find our upcoming show dates now!