How to Collaborate With Competitors Instead of Competing

Wedding Vendors - 9/2/2022

We run bridal shows full of a variety of wedding vendors. Over the years, we have had a few vendors that struggled to collaborate with other vendors instead of seeing them all as competitors.

We always work with vendors to help them understand a few easy ways to collaborate with each other.

A few tips we share with all of our vendors about working with other vendors are:

Start with Complimentary: The easiest way to work well with other vendors is by starting with vendors that could compliment your business. For example, if you are a florist, get to know the wedding planners that could refer your business.

Focus on the differences: Within your specific industry, get to know the differences between you and a potential competitor. For example, two wedding planners could have two very different focuses. One may do more farmhouse style weddings while you may not offer that.

Everyone Gets Overwhelmed: Remember that even if another vendor is 100% your direct competitor, remember that everyone gets overwhelmed and developing a professional connection could lead to referrals.

All of our vendors who attend our Oklahoma Bridal Shows are incredibly professional and work well together. If you want to consider being one of those vendors, take a moment to apply now!