Top Things Couples are Looking for In a Wedding Venue

Wedding Reception - 8/5/2022

You found “the one” but now it is time to plan a wedding! You will need to find a venue that is perfect for your wedding day. Everyone has different non-negotiables when it comes to choosing their venue, here are some of the top things couples are looking for:

Top 3 Must-Haves From a Wedding Venue:

Access to Easy Transportation: On your special day, your guest are there to celebrate with you, and that's why it is important to have easy accommodations for your guest! Ideally, you want a venue that has access to easy transportation like ample parking, access to parking, or a shuttle service. The last thing you want for your guest is for them to be overwhelmed and stressed about how to get to your wedding venue and be on time. When searching for a venue, make sure to ask about transportation and what accommodations they can provide.

Extra Perks: Some wedding venues will provide incentives for booking their venue. Venues could offer discounts, for example, if you book the venue and entertainment within the company. This will allow couples to get the most out of their budget.

Up-front: The last thing you want to happen to you on your wedding day is the venue limiting you to decorations you can have or other things you prepared to have set up. This is why you need to find a venue that is upfront about any rules, regulations, or restrictions they have. Also, a venue that is upfront about its pricing model and any hidden fees that you may incur. You want to feel at ease on your wedding day so having thee conversations with a potential venue is a must!

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