How to Spot Red Flags in a Potential Wedding Couple Client

Wedding Reception - 7/25/2022

As a wedding planner you come across many different clients, some are fairly simple and some can be a potential nightmare. There are ways to identify red flags in clients and know how to navigate through them.

3 Types of Red Flags in Wedding Clients:

Unrealistic: Most clients will come to you with ideas and inspirations they have come across and that's great but do they have the budget for that? If a client has a low budget but comes to you with a list of high-end stuff that's not realistic or doable. Set boundaries with your client and make sure they can only afford what their budget allows unless they wanted to increase their budget.

Micro-manager: These are the clients that overlook your every move and constantly clarify every little detail. As a wedding planner or vendor, you were hired to do your job and provide a service for them, not have them as your assistance. This is where you need to let the client know they need to respect your time and assure them you will get their services done to their satisfaction without them looking over your shoulder.

High Maintenance: This is the client who blows up your phone with a ton of calls, texts, and emails. Sometimes, it can be after hours or on your day off. This can be very overwhelming as a planner or vendor because you have other clients that need your attention as well. Again, set boundaries with your client and let them know they need to respect your time and you will get back to them as soon as you can.

Spotting these red flags will allow you to know how to handle each client. Also, knowing what clients you do want to and don't want to work with.

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