How to Set Expectations of Guest Etiquette at a Wedding

Wedding Ceremony - 7/15/2022

When planning a wedding a lot of time, sweat, and tears go into it. Therefore, it's important to set expectations for your guest so they respect the time you put into your special day and so your “big day” runs smoothly!

Three Ways to Set Expectations for Your Guest:

Respond to RSVPs: Those wedding invitations are very important and hold a lot of information for the attendees. One important key of information that should always be present on an invitation is the date to RSVP. Make it visible and clear and be strict on that date and let guests know if you don't hear from them by that date they will assume you are not coming. You have to pay for each guest that attends, so knowing the confirmed number of guest attendees prior to your wedding helps tremendously.

Children Attendance: This is your special day if you do not want any children present, let your guest know! Also, you could mention it on your invitation and let them know it's an adult celebration only and if they have questions or concerns they can reach out to you. If having children around, doesn't bother you then they should let you know how many children they are bringing if so. The best thing to do is let your guest know your decision on bring9g children to the wedding so they can plan in advance for child care.

General Behavior Expectations: For your special day you probably have hired multiple vendors and services. Guests should treat them with respect and not waste their time. If there is a set dinner menu, then guests shouldn't be making any special requests and vice versa for the bar menu. Also, if there is pre-assigned seating then guests need to be seated where they were asked to be sat no rearranging or moving around. These are general expectations guests should already know they have to follow but a friendly reminder won't hurt.

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