What Are You Missing in Your Wedding Contracts

Wedding Vendors - 7/1/2022

Your wedding day will consist of a lot of vendors coming together to make your big day special! You will most likely have individual contracts with all those vendors, so it's important to know what you are signing on that dotted line. There are important sections you should review and go over before going into a contract with somebody so both parties are satisfied.

3 Important Factors to Look For in Your Wedding Contract:

Services Provided: Your contract should specifically state what services they are providing in specific detail. If they are providing photography services, then they should state how many photos, the duration of the photography session, etc. Also, make sure the name of the company is stated and the date and time they providing these services. This makes sure both parties know what services they will be providing/given and theirs no miscommunications.

Payment: Every service provider is going to want to get paid for providing services. There need to be specific payment policies and arrangements in place. If the provider requires a non-refundable deposit, safety deposit, or payment installments, then these all needed to be included in the payment section of the contract. Also, if you and the service provider come up with an individualized plan on how you would pay for their services then that needs to be specifically written and agreed upon. All financial details should be clearly stated and listed to avoid confusion.

Postponements and Cancellations: What policies does your vendor have in place if you have to postpone a wedding or cancel? These are important policies you need to be aware of just in case the risk of this occuring during your wedding. Weather can be a factor where you have to postpone, can your vendor accommodate a postponement? These questions can be difficult that's why having clear expectations with your provider is essential so you know how to move forward in situations like these.

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