Outdoor Weddings: How to Make an Inclement Weather Plan

Wedding Planning - 6/27/2022

Everybody would love to have an outdoor wedding but it definitely has its disadvantages. One thing we can't control or predict is the weather when choosing our special day. However, there are some steps you can take to be prepared just in case bad weather comes.

Things you can do to be prepared for inclement weather:

Plan Ahead With Your Venue: One great thing to do is discuss your venue's backup plan for when inclement weather comes. That way you discuss a “Plan B” and make sure there are inside options available if bad weather was the case.

Tents: Tents are a great covering option to have for your guest and a way to keep cool or warm. In case of downpour, tents are a great covering for you and your guest to gather under. Consider having at least one cover option to be prepared for any weather that comes your way!

Supplies: Make sure to be checking the weather forecast the week of your big day. That way if you notice any bad weather coming in you can go ahead and make the necessary adjustments. Having supplies like umbrellas or towels so you can keep your guests dry and comfortable. Nothing is wrong with being prepared!

Allow Flexibility: Weather comes and goes so be patient and yes we know your wedding day is very stressful and timing is everything but expect the unexpected. Allow stuff to be delayed for a little bit if needed to allow a storm or shower to pass.

Last but not least…. Embrace It! This is your special day and yes bad weather may stink but don't let it take away the meaning this day means to you and the everlasting memories of this special day.

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