New Trends We Are Seeing in Weddings

Wedding Ceremony - 6/12/2022

Everybody always wants to do the new and hottest trend! Everybody wants their wedding to be “on trend” and inspire others with ideas for their wedding.

Here is a list of 2022 hottest wedding trends that are out there right now:

Bridgerton Inspired Weddings

This trend is based on the popular Netflix show, “Brigerton”. This show takes place in a regency-era in Great Britain, a time of great political, social, and economical change. This period defined a new culture and fashion and it is reflected in the show with the beautiful dresses and attire they wear. Embrace elegance, luxury, and vintage style by having a Bridgerton Inspired Wedding!


COVID-19 has put a damper on weddings and has caused a lot of cancellation and postponement. Therefore, elopement became quite popular, and people didn't want to wait to be married anymore. Also, a lot of people don't want to take the risk of spreading COVID-19,if so private ceremonies became popular as well. Weddings are also expensive and due to COVID-19 a lot of couples don't have the resources to expense a wedding right now.

Weekday Weddings

Due to the pandemic, a lot of venues had to cancel weddings and push them back. Now post-pandemic there are a lot of weddings happening because it is safe to have them again. This has caused the wedding industry to be very busy and have to accommodate past and new clients since past dates are being rescheduled. Wedding venues were forced to expand their services from the weekend into the weekday as well. This would have been unusual in the past but now it is common.

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