How to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Wedding Reception - 6/14/2022

Summer is here and it doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, and with summer comes heat. Therefore, if you plan on having a summer wedding you need to find ways to keep you and your guests cool so everyone can enjoy themselves.

Here's a couple of ideas to help keep guest cool:

Outdoor Tents

It is essential to provide guests a cooler environment especially in the hot summer months. One way to do this is by renting an outdoor tent or canopy. They have specific tents that can fit more than 100 people, perfect for weddings/events. The tent can still contribute to your overall theme and aesthetic by decorating it and still keeping it fashionable but also keeping guests cool at the same time.

Cooling Gadgets

Everyone will be dancing the night away and it will get hot on that dance floor so you will definitely need a hand held fan to cool down. This is a simple gesture that your guest will greatly appreciate, hand held fans are easy to use and very efficient.

Avoid Metals Chairs

Metal chairs are definitely a stylish look at a wedding venue but be careful utilizing these chairs in summer months. When metal is exposed to sunlight it heats up to very high temperatures and can burn you, especially your bottom.

Indoor/Outdoor Venue

Some venues have a courtyard or some type of outdoor area and then an indoor space. This is a great option to provide guests so if they need to cool down inside until the sun sets. Also, it's not bad having access to AC as summer time can be very humid.

Also, always remember to provide lots of water!

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