Who to Invite to Your Wedding

Wedding Planning - 6/2/2022

This is one of the most important days of your life, how do you decide who deserves to be by your side on this special day? Choosing your guest list can be very stressful considering multiple factors like venue capacity and pricing.

The more people who attend your wedding the more costly it gets because the more people you must feed, seat, and accommodate. Here's some advice on how to narrow down your guest list and choose effectively:

The Must Haves!

Your family and your fiancé's family are a must! The moms, the dads, the grandparents, and siblings at least but when it comes to extended family that can be tricky. If you decide to invite aunts and uncles, then you're going to have to invite all aunts and uncles. You decide where you cut off family invitations and stick to that cut off point! Also, extend a certain amount of guest invitations to each side of the family and allow them to use them as they like but be clear with them that there's no more seats available after those are distributed.

Children? Your Call

Most family or friends have children, it is your decision if you would like them to present at your wedding. If you prefer an adult-only ceremony, make it clear to your guest prior on the invitations that this is an adult-only wedding. Or if you prefer that littles ones don't attend but older children can then make that clear as well. Remember, this is your day you get to decide what you want and don't want.

General Questions

When compiling your guest list just ask you and your fiancé some general questions.
1. Have you met this person?
2. Did I attend their wedding?
3. Do I spend special holidays or events with this person?
4. Do you keep in touch with this person?

These general questions can help you rule some potential guests off the list. A wedding is a special day for you to be surrounded by people you know and love so they can share this special moment with you. Don't feel bad if you have to rule some people out as long as you have the people you enjoy in your life there that's all that matters!

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