How to Develop a Marketing Campaign for Wedding Vendors

Wedding Vendors - 5/31/2022

Marketing is a crucial part to growing your wedding vendor business and maintaining business relationships. Business strategies need to be easy to follow and direct to bring in clients. There are a couple of different strategies on how to develop a marketing campaign and maintain it:

1) Presence on Social Media and Website

Launching a website is a must so potential clients can have access to it that outlines your services and provides a portfolio of past events you have done in the past. Having an online presence provides ease and confidence to clients when deciding who to hire for their services they need. Another great avenue to reach a wide range of people quickly and instantly is through social media. A lot of millennials use social media and are constantly finding businesses to use. Also, social media provides a snapshot of your business, where clients can get a “feel” for your business from an outside perspective.

2) Stay In Touch

Keep up with your past clients by sending a monthly newsletter or holiday greeting and updating them of current promotions or deals you have going on. Staying in touch with your clients builds a great client-business relationship and they are more likely to refer you to a friend or somebody else they know. Also, always update existing and past clients about new services you offer or changes that are happening to your business, it's a great way to stay in touch!

3) Network

Networking with other business professionals in the area that provide similar services in the same industry is a great way to expand your business. If one business can't provide a certain service they would recommend another business in the area that can potentially be you. Also, partnering with other vendors for events or weddings is a great idea for both businesses to expand and grow.

Attending wedding shows is another great way to network! You will gain access to a lot of potential clients if you have a booth at a wedding exhibit. Also, you might get a few ideas from other businesses that could benefit your business in some way shape or form. Many shows give you a list of attendees and their contact information, that allows you to send them more information about your business.

Exhibit with OK Bride, and we will bring the target market to you and the brides-to-be: