How To Evaluate Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding Reception - 4/30/2022

When it comes to picking vendors that can be a difficult task. It is important to evaluate all your options to choose the best vendor for your needs. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we specialize in wedding vendor relations and believe that a good evaluation of them is an important part of this business. But how should you be evaluating them?

The best ways to be evaluating your vendors are:
Price: Price is one of the biggest tools in evaluating your vendor. If they are out of the budget that can help you to narrow them down. But what if it is a great steal? Keep in mind the quality that will come with a lower price, and if that is worth it to you.
Services: Sometimes a vendor's services don't exactly match up with your needs. While it is important to understand that not everything you dreamed of being at your wedding can always happen, it is still important to find vendors who can offer that to you.
Availability: If a vendor does not have a lot of availability or none around your data then that is a good indicator of if they will work for you.
Word of Mouth: People talk for a reason. If you are hearing a lot of good chatter about one specific vendor that is a good sign. People tend to share their experiences when they are extreme, either really good or really bad. So hearing a lot of good talks is always a great sign.

There are lots of different ways to evaluate your vendors when narrowing your list down, these are just some of the top ones! Remember to also go with your gut and what your partner is wanting as well when making these tough decisions. For more wedding things, check out our other blog posts here!