The Best Destination Wedding Locations for 2022

Wedding Planning - 4/20/2022

Your wedding day is one of the best moments of life, it's filled with magic and love! One way to make your big day more special and memorable is by choosing an unforgettable majestic location.

3 of the top destinations that will capture an incredible destination wedding are:
1. New York, USA: New York is one of the best cities in the world to visit and the most famous city in the world! Theirs endless possibilities when it comes to venues and having the wedding of your dreams! New York is very diverse which allows you to choose from many delicious food options. Also, the views of the city are beautiful and are perfect for capturing your special day! The best time to have a wedding in New York is May-October.
2. The Maldives: Maldives have some of the most fascinating landmarks and pristine beaches. If you are looking for a beach wedding this is the perfect spot! Their all-inclusive resorts are right on the water with incredible views of their crystal clear water! Perfect destination to kick your feet up and enjoy the sceneries with your loved ones. Best time to have a wedding here to avoid unbearable temperatures is November-April.
3. Colorado, US: If you are adventurous and have a love for the countryside and mountainous sceneries, Colorado is a great spot! Colorado has some of the most breathtaking wedding venues from the mountains to the lakes! If you love nature and being outdoors I highly recommend Colorado. The perfect time to get married here is March-May and September-October. For the best pictures I recommended September-October when the leaves are changing.

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