Best Social Media For Wedding Vendors

Wedding Vendors - 5/19/2022

Our world is digital and consumed by social media. People are constantly refreshing their phones and seeing what people are posting every day. For businesses to thrive it is important for them as well to be on social media, and wedding vendors are no exception. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show we want all of our vendors to be in the know on the best types of social media that they can be used to grow their businesses.

The best social media for wedding vendors to be using are:

Instagram: Instagram is one of the top social media sights that millennials and Gen Z are using. As the millennials continue to get married and Gen Z begins to get married it is important to advertise towards them on this platform. Curate your feed with all the beautiful for you have done, as well as post instagram stories of the action.

TikTok: Everyone and their mother is on tik tok so it is important for wedding vendors to be as well. Play off the trends, and create cute videos showcasing your products. TikTok is an important tool to drive foot traffic either towards your instagram, facebook, and/or website.

Facebook: While Facebook might seem like it is becoming more and more outdated, a large part of the population is still heaviyl using it, so it is important to remain posting on facebook as well. You can even sink your facebook and instagram, so that it simultaneously posts on each platform, saving you time and still allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the social media outlet that is used the most for wedding inspiration. People pin wedding inspo to their hearts desire, and curate their theme through this app. By posting your content and options on this app it allows for people to discover and fall in love with what you are offering.

There are other forms of social media that can be leveraged, but these are some of the best for vendors in the wedding industry. When posting, stay true to your brand, and allow your products/services to speak for themselves.